Art Nights at ​Your Place

 Would you like to host an Art night in your own home?

We bring the supplies and inspiration you supply the space, drinks and snacks. Think of all the money you save provide us with a space and at least 6 paying artists. If you have 10 artists you get to paint free! You can even decide on the subject for the class you would like to have.

Right now we offer Acrylics, watercolors, decoupage, mosaics, altered book art, and mixed media. If there is a topic you would like to host please suggest it i am sure we can accommodate 
your group.

Day Classes

Evening Classes  Joy Wellness Salem, NH

art nights for adults



Painting parties are very popular now but some classes are focused entirely on making the finished product look identical to the instructors sample work of art.

I have been to a few of these and i left with a piece of art that just did not feel like my own.

Our classes are a little different. Each class is an opportunity to experience new materials, and try out new styles of art or emulate a different artist in a relaxing atmosphere with a professional artist to guide you.

Most classes run between $15-$25 depending on supplies. If we are running a class that you have your own supplies for you are encouraged to bring them and save a little $.




At Chamillion Colors  our classes are opportunities to:

Learn to use new supplies, explore great artists and just have fun!

I have been working as an artist and teaching art classes for over 20 years at schools, companies and Retail locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

We currently host classes for kids during school vacation weeks  in Salem, NH at Joy Wellness Yoga Center. Please check here or our Facebook page for more information on upcoming class dates and times.

We would love to talk to you about scheduling an Art Party for your Birthday celebration Especially during the winter months when we are all trapped inside. I can come to your location or you can host your party at the Wellness center prices vary depending on location and supplies for the arty project of

We are available to come to your pre-school, summer or after school program for a special art class or to help you celebrate a special holiday. Fine art lessons can also be based on holidays, famous artists in history, or historical events.

We can come to your home for private lessons, for home school groups or for scout organizations we have a merit badge counselor on staff prices vary based on time, location
and supplies. Call or e-mail for more information.